What is and how does Cryptotrading School work ?

The training program goes through 4 steps:

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start trading on the Cryptocurrencie market now!
Learn cryptoterminolgy, live cryptocurrency market analysis and attend live training sessions.


Free introduction and demo to our trading school and crypto module.

In this free introduction, one of the mentors demonstrates the operation of our trading school and explores with the prospective student that cryptotrading school is the appropriate module for his goals.


Basic cryptocurrency terminology, securely set up a crypto wallet and exchange account.

After effective enrollment, the student’s personal mentor shows the platform where the student can learn through short instructional videos to set up a secure crypto account along with the terminology surrounding cryptocurrency.


Instructional videos on crypto – videocall or physical appointment.

Students follow the various instructional videos at their own pace, and upon completion the student contacts the mentor and records a video call or physical appointment.

1. During this session, the mentor answers the student’s outstanding questions.

2. The mentor reviews with the student where the main interest lies and will direct the student to the international expert in the student’s area of interest. In the expert’s platform, the student can find additional basic videos to expand their knowledge in market analysis and risk management. Then, the student can attend the sessions of the expert who makes a live evaluation of the cryptocurrency market and the student can also ask his questions to the expert during this session. All sessions are recorded such that the student can also rewatch the sessions afterwards if the student cannot attend or wants to rewatch a session.


The final stage: deepen with targeted crypto education with experts in crypto trading and connect with our community of students and mentors without obligation.

After following the expert’s basic sessions, you are ready to trade and invest.
Your mentor will now guide you to:

1. Other international experts to deepen and broaden your knowledge in cryptanalysis and related market research.

2. Scanners that give you tips and indications when it is interesting to buy and sell crypto coins. It is always up to the student to make his own decisions. This buying and selling can be either leveraged or non-leveraged.

3. Our community where we exchange ideas on a very regular basis. Weekly consultation sessions and additional training sessions in Dutch or English are also provided. Through the community, students get in touch with like-minded people and local experts who, as a group, are constantly learning and keeping each other informed about developments in the crypto market.

The mentor remains available to the student at all times.